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Here you can find arrangements (and a few original pieces) by me, Patrick Clements. These largely comprise music for the standard wind octet (pairs of oboes, clarinets, horns and bassoons) or nonet (octet plus flute) and, being a horn player myself, for various combinations of horns.

Music can be ordered by e-mail, telephone or post. Details of how to do this can be found on the 'How To Order' page.

Music currently available falls into three categories:

  1. Arrangements for wind ensemble (mainly the standard wind octet, nonet or double wind quintet)
  2. Arrangements and original music for horns.
  3. Music for other combinations.

You can view all music in each of these categories or just a subset of them. Each piece is listed with composer, title, instrumentation, price (which includes packing and UK postage) and a brief description of the work. Scores, where available, are usually priced separately to give the option of a lower cost where a score is not needed. To help you choose you can, in most cases, listen to part of the arrangement (synthesised, I'm afraid - apologies if the sound isn't very good).


***NEW*** ..... I've recently added some arrangements for double wind quintet as well as a few more octets (check out the Sortie!).


SAVE £££s ... well, £s anyway, with discounts for orders of 5 or more items. Also there are discounts for students, educational establishments, etc.

For enquiries or comments contact Patrick Clements via e-mail: